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Welcome to the Chownyk network, the internet platform for keeping our cousins in touch.

We are descendants of Michael Chownyk (or Czownyk, the original spelling). I am Ronald, a second-generation native born American. My father is Eugene. His father is John, and John's father is Michael.

As this site develops, I will be adding photo galleries, stories, history, and an email list. For now, you can contact me at the link at the bottom of this page.

For now, the gallery link at the top of the page links to my photo gallery on my personal website, www.chownyk.net/ronchow (link opens a new browser window).

f e a t u r e s  

I am Michael Chownyk.

My father is James, and his father, Julius and his father, Michael Czownyk. I started a renewable energy business called Alternative Energy Resources back in '98 and I design, sell and install solar electric, solar thermal, and wind turbine systems. I am an inventor and I am proud to be a Chownyk.

My brother Jimmy in
Vancouver, British Columbia

My father, James Chownyk

My Grandfather, Julius Chownyk

l i n k s  
The Gratiot Drive-In lives, thanks to Patricia Delmotte Chownyk

Gene Chownyk goes ice fishing on Lake St. Clair (photo by his son Richard)

  Alternative Energy Resources run by Jim and Michael Chownyk

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