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Last Updated May 13, 2002

Chownyk Southern Belle
May 6, 2002
Chownyk Southern Belle, Registered Labracocker Retriever, on her first day home. Approximately eight weeks old.
Chownyk Southern Belle
May 6, 2002
Belle, relaxing on lawn, on her first day home.
Chownyk Southern Belle
May 10, 2002
Second favorite position in the yard.
Chownyk Southern Belle
May 10, 2002
Most favorite position in the yard.
The Chownyk Family February 1996
February 1996
Beverly, Mark, Richard, Ronald, Robert, Barbara
Gene & Pat.
Graduation 1982
Spring, 1982
Graduation photo, MANY years ago...
The Chownyk Family November 1997
November 1997
Robert, Barbara, Mark, Pat, Beverly, Gene, Richard, Ronald.
Ron and Jane
Ron and Jane
At Mom's house, March 1997.
A Birthday, many years ago...
David Reitzel, Mike Gagne, and Ron & Don Ward, and yes, it's me.
Bev's dog Tiger...
she insisted that I put this here...
Willys Jeep CJ2A
My 1946 Jeep CJ2A.
It runs, but is in desperate need of restoration.
Totally unexplainable.
I don't even remember when this was. Early 1980's.
My niece Christy, June 1998.
Standing in front of a parabolic mirror at Cranbrook.
One of my all-time favorite photos, I didn't expect it to turn out this well.
Mark's Graduation, June 1985.
Mark's Graduation, June 1985.
John Secor, Mark, John Barbaret.
Bev's 25TH Anniversary Party
June 1998
Ronald, Richard, Pat, Robert, Gene, Beverly, Mark, Barbara.
Holly, Jesse, Robert
Bev's children.
Holly, Jesse, Robert. Sometime around 1985?
Holly, Jesse, Robert
Fifteen years later...
Richard's Wedding
Where do these photos come from?
Cool threads. Disco is in full swing. Summer 1977.
Mark, Joe, and Ron
Another one of my all-time favorites.
Mark, Joe, and Ron. About 1973?
Buddy 1998
Buddy about to be helpful.
Just before Christmas 1998.
After 12 years, Buddy left us in November, 2000.
Christmas Morning, 1998
7:00AM, Christmas Morning, 1998.
By noon, it had all melted.